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big photo of Hannah-chan

Click here for Zurn family pages, including genealogy <Z>

Hiroko and Darryl's Photo Album <I> new remote
Our on-line photo album, at ImageEvent.com
Nagai Sensei home pages <N> remote
Home pages for Hiroko Nagai, with photos of her Japanese class trip to Japan!
Frequent starting locations <M>
A list of maps for starting locations used for many TCBC rides.
Twin Cities Bicycling Club <T> remote
Events for cyclists of all abilities in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota. Send email here for info
Velo Trempealeau© 2000 photos <V>
In beautiful southwestern Wisconsin!
XR4 <X>
The latest addition to my garage
Cannondale Silk Road 500 Triple <S>
Sunset/Sunrise times
Times for Minneapolis/St. Paul in 2000. (43k)
Photos from Cable WI . <C>
More photos <2>
Updated 2-Mar-2000.
Biking-related Links remote
Add a link of your own!
Mark Twain, Taming the Bicycle
Short essay when Mark Twain learned the involuntary dismount from an old high-wheeled bicycle in record time.

Small photo of Giethoorn, Holland. Aug 1998 (c) D. Zurn
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